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Hollow - A Bleach/Devil Hunter Yohko Crossover

Hollow: A Bleach/Mamono Hunter Yohko Crossover fic
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16 year old Yohko Mano is grieving the loss of her family, butchered like dogs by unseen demons. Now, the Death Gods are coming for her. What's a devil hunter to do?

Welcome to Hollow, a Mamono Hunter Yohko/Bleach crossover fanfic/rpg by anarchicq.

How this works is that posts are written in character in Friendslocked posts and comments. Once a chapter is finished, it will be beta read and posted on the LJ and on FF.N and such.

Please do not ask if you can take part. You can't. The end. You can however, watch the community to read the fic.

NOTE: Currently Q is looking for someone interested in Bleach to write the parts of Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime.